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How would the world remember you!

Recently I was walking through an airport & I stopped in the washroom to wash my hands after eating….. in that bathroom I saw a sign that changed my life, the sign said ” As common courtesy to the person that is coming behind you, can you kindly wipe the sink out and leave it better than you found it” …… that stuck with me, And as common courtesy to the generation that is coming up behind me in life, I vow to God that everything that I touch or I am a part of I will leave it better than I found it…..


Honor the ones that paved the way for you, and leave a legacy for the ones to come after……..

How Uber Works: Insights into the Business & Revenue Model

Uber is an on demand transportation service which has brought a revolution in the taxi industry all across the world.

Understanding the difference between Mobile Commerce and E-Commerce

Understanding the difference between Mobile Commerce and E-Commerce


Nowadays, Instant Gratification is not just a psychological concept but a psychological necessity. Customers need everything now or never.

10 reasons your business needs a website in 2019

With the rise in use of social media, often times regular websites are overlooked. When a business decides to forgo having a regular website, they are losing great opportunities.

5 Ways Content can Instantly Grow Your Side Hustle Into A Scalable Business?

Content pieces are much like companies. You will find a whole lot of them out there, and to be successful, you either need to rise above the rest or be the first to move into the previously unexplored land.

3 Apps Which Are Enabling Restaurants to Make Money. . .Without Serving Food

You’re still paying rent, utilities and other overheads – not to mention your staff – if the tables have been loaded or not. So how can you keep the cash coming in even if customers aren’t?

Everything Businesses Need to Know About Blockchain Technology and Its Benefits for Them

Very often when people hear about blockchain technology, they immediately make a connection to cryptocurrency. But blockchain is not only about that.

In fact, the scope of blockchain technology extends much beyond than just its application in cryptocurrency. It is a technology that can be used by enterprises app development for the various business related benefits that it is capable of offering. To understand how blockchain development can be of value to businesses, we first need to understand the true meaning of blockchain technology.

6 Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer Outsourcing When It Comes to Software Development

It has become imperative today for enterprises to embrace technology and leverage it for attaining various business milestones, and software development is a crucial part of technology adoption.

7 Signs Your Business Requires a CRM System

high-quality CRM system can be a valuable tool for your business. It can help make your employees more efficient, increase customer retention, improve data collection, and much more

Here’s 3 Reasons Why Your Internet Business Isn’t Growing

These are three ways E-Commerce has changed how people shop and how businesses operate. As online buying keeps growing, your company ought to be always thinking of strategies to remain aware of the tendencies and ahead of the curve.


In everything I do in life people tend to call me an extremist. I just love taking risks and thinking & dreaming B.I.G

B – Books that I read

I – Individuals I met & continue to meet along life’s journey

G – Goals that I set for Myself

Thinking B.I.G., will lead you to doing B.I.G & will help you along the road to Success. OCEY PHILLIPS


There are two types of people: those who look for opportunity and those who make it. Ocey Phillips

Serial Entrepreneur

The Latest


I feel fortunate to be on a professional journey that actually pays me to do what I love. This journey is probably best summarized by stating that I:

I’m an aspiring CEO and CTO with a deep understanding of the levers of revenue growth, from picking up the phone to closing a deal, to full go to market strategies, to building amazing teams, I’ve seen it all, and I’m always pushing my teams to invent new ways to move the needle.

My experience as a Operations manager, Strategist, and executive, helps me collaborate with CIO’s and CTO’s of companies with software experience that need on-time, disciplined software development. I also give executives more flexibility by integrating architects, developers, business analysts and project managers with their existing teams–enabling faster software creation and advancing their tech initiatives.

Personally implemented the following:

• A broad range of development expertise
• Custom software development, from design to development to support.
• Technology marketing strategy and execution.
• Business process automation strategies, as well as custom software development to translate the strategy into time- and money-saving solutions.

Throughout my career, I have applied the same skill set to companies at various stages of development – identifying an untapped market, building a world-class team, and executing a clear strategic plan.

Demand Generation
Account Based Marketing
Customer Success & Support
Product Development
Global Brand Development
Strategic Partnerships
SaaS And Mobile Business Models
B2B & B2C
P & L Management
Venture Capital And M&A
Global Business Expansion
Board Management


…surround myself with world class talent. I aspire to join, recruit, encourage, develop, and invest in exceptional people.

…keep myself in the center of the the most positively disruptive technologies at any given time.

…am energized by building great businesses and helping people improve their lives.

What the next decades will bring is limited only by ideas, dreams, and the ability to successfully execute at scale.

Specialties: Organizational leadership. Monetization. Increasing top line revenue growth. Go-to-market strategy. Shortening sales cycles. Developing and recruiting quality teams quickly. Process design and improvement. Market analysis. Taking responsibility for results.


Nowadays, Instant Gratification is not just a psychological concept but a psychological necessity. Customers need everything now or never.

Lack of funding, finances our Creativity & Resourcefulness:

Often times I have heard people say “If I only have money I would start this business” & I myself have been guilty of that in the past. I would sit down and wish I had won the lottery so I can then make my dreams come through. Over time things changed from reading books and listening to mentors, thought me that most of the people who succeed work harder and more importantly out think others. “Disrupt You” By Jay Samit is one of the most influential books I have ever read.Let me share with you some insight on how to adjust your lens and grow your business;

OPM (Other People’s Money)

We often limit ourselves to think that what we want is far-fetched and out of our reach, but more times what we want exist right outside of our comfort zones. If we just think outside of our regular thought patterns we would find that there are answers within our grasp.

Entrepreneurs tend to look at the glass half empty, instead of leveraging their networks & surroundings. Technology has now turned the world into a global village, and as neighbours we all have something to share with each other. Start thinking about what you have to leverage from geographical location – to Networks & additional value and think about how your resources can solve a problem for someone else.

Expand your mind a bit, don’t just think what problem your business solves, think about the surrounding factors & problems and how they can affect other people and leverage that. We live in an era of endless innovation don’t let money keep you back from chasing your dreams.

Ocey Phillips

“Ocey is a passionate technology executive with a drive to solve the regions problems using technology. Ocey is embarking on the first IOT & BIG DATA platforms of its kind in the region that will change the way people live their lives daily. Ocey is an advocate for a ministry of technology for his home country as he sees the potential it can bring once it is embraced.