Wix Ecommerce Overview

Wix would work for a simple store. It’s new to the ecommerce space, and many users are requesting the features they lack. So I imagine it won’t be long before they catch up. Wix Offers the best design choices; I would lean to other platforms at the price point.

Wix Pros

  • Tons of free amazing themes
  • Really simple to use and set up
  • On-page support

Wix Cons

  • Trying hard to fight a bad SEO reputation. Made improvements, but tested very poorly
  • I noticed many sites were not secured
  • Lacks marketing features and integrations

How Wix Ecommerce Compares To Other Ecommerce Platforms

Wix’s strength is in helping total beginners to get websites off the ground without having to pay a developer for it.

If you’re thinking of using Wix to power your online store, it doesn’t compare to the true  #ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce or Magento. Sure, it’s very simple and turnkey, but it lacks almost every feature that I would want for #ecommerce; features that are necessary.

The features provided on Wix are too basic. It does look like they concentrated more on basic website needs and ecommerce was just something thrown in to expand their offering without really developing it.

I’d use Weebly or Squarespace over Wix for ecommerce, and those are simple platforms as well.

After analyzing 100 active stores spending $500 and up on each platform, Wix is the runt of the litter.

They hardly pass the average and other platforms except in performance and design and themes. In terms of performance, Wix performs significantly higher than the average. This is largely because of the mobile and desktop speed edge it has over its competitors. It scored the highest with a 5 on both mobile and desktop speed; no other platform got this score.

However, the SEO pulled down its performance rating. It scored a 2.5, but the average is 3.7.

Before you choose Wix, ensure it ticks all your needs for:

  • Pricing
  • Integrations
  • Page speed
  • Mobile friendliness and UX
  • Customer support
  • Ease of use
  • SEO tools
  • Other features
Wix Market Share

The fact that Wix is losing a considerable number of clients to Shopify doesn’t mean Shopify is better for you.  So, it depends on what you want to do in your online store. So, you can weigh the pros and cons noted on Shopify reviews against those noted in this Wix review and decide which is best for you.

You might know these brands. They’re on Wix:

  • La Kube
  • TSV Jewelers
  • Lt online store
  • Our Own Candle Company

Wix Pricing And Plans

Wix has a free plan, but you have to use username.Wixsite.com/siteaddress. That’s unprofessional, and you should never build on anyone’s domain but yours. You can’t sell on the free plan anyways – there’s no way to collect payment.

After that, there are five premium plans, but ecommerce functionality is on the two top-tiered plans – VIP and eCommerce. The eCommerce plan costs $20, and the VIP plan costs $30 month to month. If you’re willing to commit to a year or two, you save 35% or 40% respectively.

Wix pricing is largely based on support plus storage. On the top plan, you get VIP support, 10 email marketing campaigns per month, shopping cart, multiple payment gateways, real-time shipping rates and rules, and give discounts. You get all of that on the eCommerce plan but the priority response and email marketing.

Price is one area where Wix is a loser compared to its competitors. The VIP plan at $35 doesn’t allow you to integrate with FBA or upsell or cross-sell. Those are things offered on BigCommerce lowest plan. You want to sell personalized products? You will spend more time and money trying to work it in. Robust product search? You pay. Multichannel? Not possible. Shopify offers most of those for $29.

The storage is also limited to 20GB. What that means is that if you want to sell many heavy digital goods or need much space, you can’t use it. There’s also no complex accounting or product management tools.

Wix also has the WixStores premium plans that are supposed to cater exclusively for online stores. But aside the increase in storage space, emails, and support, it doesn’t seem to have any motivating feature for ecommerce businesses.

Clearly, Wix is for simple stores or very small ecommerce needs, like a brick and mortar store looking to have a tiny ecommerce branch.

Wix supports over 15 payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Alipay. They don’t charge transaction fees for your use of any of them. This is an advantage over Shopify and Weebly that charge such in addition to the monthly service fee.

Wix Features

Wix Features And Plans

Business Basic


Business Unlimited


Business VIP


Wix websites on the eCommerce plan and above can sell unlimited products with different variants, create discount codes, send email notifications and thank you emails to customers, manage inventory, and showcase sales offers.

No Abandoned Cart Recovery

It’s normal in ecommerce that customers simply don’t buy items in their carts and forget they are there. If recovering that potential revenue is important to you, don’t use Wix. There’s no option for abandoned cart recovery automation.

Wix Lacks Many Features

There’s a feature request for it. Hopefully, it becomes approved in the nearest future.

Waiting For Built-In Robust Site Search

Wix doesn’t offer robust site search out of the box. Visitors wouldn’t be able to search for your products. There’s an ongoing vote on that. Pending whenever they make up their minds, you can use a paid app like Site Search by InstantSearch. There’s a free version, but that’s just 30 searches per month. Otherwise, you pay $4.99 per month. The app is nice enough for advanced search options, so it’s worth it.

SEO Tools

SEO tools on Wix are good, not great. You can fill in fields for the metadata, keywords, tags, and redirects. They also generate a sitemap XML automatically for you, but you can’t access or customize it.

They didn’t get the URL right though.

Wix used to have weird hashbangs in the URL, like “/#!/” it didn’t make sense that we couldn’t change. Thankfully, they stopped that. The problem they have now is that the blog URL is not completely customizable.

The default is yourdomain.com/single-post/date/blog-post-title. You can change the blog-post-title section but not take out the date part. While date should have no effects for search engines, it could affect your click-through rate which on a long run would affect your ranking. If you have an evergreen blog post showing 2016 on the URL and a searcher is looking in 2019, that blog might not look valid for 2019.

Also, Canonical tags and 301 redirects are restricted. For SEO, WooCommerce is better.

Wix Performance


Wix performs well on both mobile and desktop. In our performance ratings, it scores 3.9 which is a tie with Shopify and passes WooCommerce and SquareSpace by a lot.

That’s because the speed is marvelous on mobile and desktop. In our mobile speed rating, the average for ecommerce sites is 3, Wix scored a 5 making it the fastest on mobile.

Desktop speed follows the same pattern. The average is 3.4, it also scored a 5, tieing with BigCommerce and Squarespace. Regardless of the device customers are on, they shouldn’t have many issues with the speed of Wix stores.

The average load time on Wix is 3.24 seconds. While that is fast, it could do better – Shopify is on a 1.3. The more apps you connect and the more files you add to your store will affect the load time you get as well, but it’s fair enough.

What pulled down Wix performance scores is its SEO. I mentioned earlier that it’s ok but not great. As you can see from the table above, the average organic traffic score on ecommerce sites is 20,346. WooCommerce surpasses this by much, but Wix couldn’t even get to a 10% of that score. It falls at 543.

If SEO is your priority, why not use WooCommerce instead. If you don’t want to deal with WP, you can Big commerce or Prestashop.

Wix Integrations And Apps

Wix Integrations And Plans

There’s not much you can integrate with Wix. If you want to create a very simple store, it’s fine.

You also get the added benefits of analyzing your store activity on Google Ecommerce Analytics. I like that users of Wix don’t have to pay an extra amount to get real-time shipping rates from USPS. It comes out of the box. Also, they allow many payment options including Paypal at no extra cost.

Forget Shipping With Amazon Integration

Want to fulfill orders with Amazon FBA? Forget it. It’s not possible.

There’s no app (paid or otherwise) or built-in integration of FBA. No Amazon Pay. The only integration with Amazon is to display products. If you have an Amazon store or are an affiliate, you can drive traffic to the product by using galleries to display up to 30 products on your Wix site.

No Multi-Channel Selling

Do you have stores on Amazon or eBay? Or do you want to sell on Google or Facebook? Wix is not the platform for you.

Like most important things, they are still collecting votes on whether or not they will build it into the Wix system. Large businesses looking to seamlessly sync all their markets and small businesses wanting to expand would have to bounce to another provider. 3dCart, Shopify, Volusion, and BigCommerce are some of the few great platforms providing this feature.

You Can’t Upsell Or Cross-Sell Either

I don’t know why many people are giving Wix ecommerce 5 stars for features when they lack most things ecommerce sites would want.

Up-selling and cross-selling have become an integral part of selling in ecommerce and business in general. McDonald’s does it, Amazon too. Most giants and dwarfs in the retail world use it because of the increase in order value. Unfortunately, Wix doesn’t have features that support up/cross-selling. No app either. 1-click upsells? No possible.

Lacks Marketing Automation

Wix has no marketing automation

Wix is not with the times to bring in marketing automation. Most people don’t have the time to work marketing manually plus there are certain tasks that are just stressful trying to work manually. For example, abandoned carts. If you have lots of people abandoning their carts every day, that will turn into a herculean task sooner than later.

Customer Loyalty Program Option

There’s an app in the Wix app center that you can use to give customers rewards for free. That’s Flok Customer Loyalty by Flok. The app also has features for sending push notifications to your customers, accessing analytics, and more on the premium version for $69/month.

Asides from the needs I have mentioned above, Wix still needs to work on either building functions for these or having apps in the store:

  • Dropshipping
  • Personalized products
  • Ratings/reviews
  • Subscription/recurring billings

Wix Templates And Design

Building a website on Wix is exciting, and one reason for that is the high quality themes and designs. Wix wins other platform hands down for web design. You’ll have the best design choices.

As long as you are on the eCommerce plan or above, the price of the template is included in the package. You wouldn’t have to pay another fee for themes.

The templates allow beginners to start from somewhere with blocks already built-in or start from scratch and build the blocks themselves. Yes, there are blank templates in the store as well.

The designs are of high quality, clean, modern and responsive on mobile devices. Visitors to your Wix website wouldn’t know you are using a theme that you just picked and edited a few things. Little wonder they did well in the design part. They could do better in mobile friendliness and UX though.


Ease Of Use


Building a website with Wix is very easy for those without tech skills. That has always been a major selling point for Wix. The website builder is by far one of the easiest to use.

The Wix editor allows you to create your site with drag and drop. You can move things around to get the layout you want.

You can place product galleries, contact forms, and menus wherever you want as you envision it. For first time Wix users, you get a help section at the side to show you things you haven’t done yet and how to go about doing them.

If you don’t want to work too much, use the Wix ADI. That’s an artificial intelligence tool that asks you a few questions and builds your site based in your answers. It’s not the best but it works.

With Wix, you will be trading a lot of backend control for ease of use, and that’s why Wix is not developer friendly. Shopify gives you more room to tweak the code.

Although Wix has the “Wix Code,” the changes you can make with it is limited. You can do a bit of javascript and use their API to edit stuff, but that’s it.

If you run into issues while creating your site, phone support is your best bet. It isn’t 24/7, but there’s no chat support or anything else that’s immediate. You could try their community, but you may not get answers fast either. This is one place that other platforms clear Wix.